May your cup overflow…

with coffee.

No but really, I’m the type of person who fills everything to the max. A boiling pot gets the whole box of noodles, a hot pan gets all of the eggs it can take (and then they normally spill all over the stove top), my four-person table fits more people than you would imagine is possible and my head just keeps everything jammed in there until I explode.

And then, some days, the noodles don’t all fit in the pot. I’m serious, today not all of the noodles fit in my pot and it made me really annoyed. Normally I’m doing spaghetti, not fettuccine, so I guess it makes sense. Thicker noodles obviously don’t fit the same as the thinner ones. Two pots of boiling water it is, but I only own one pot. So that takes longer.

Fettuccine is for the dinner party I’m hosting tonight. I need to find more chairs, there are more people coming than chairs that I own. Or plates, for that matter. Some people are just going to have to eat one thing, rinse out their bowl, then put something else in it. Suckers. Maybe I’ll make them sit on the counters. The counters (and table) currently cluttered with everything from the past week. I don’t necessarily LIKE dumping things in the kitchen, it just sort of happens that way. My front (only) door is in the kitchen and every other room in the house is up.

I love my house, it’s very narrow and adorable. I wish it were actually mine but I feel very blessed to be able to rent it for my years in Italy. The first floor is the kitchen and a small bathroom with a (currently broken) washing machine. Second floor is living room and a “study” except the study is filled with cabinets that make it too narrow for a desk or anything. But that’s fine. It’s storage space for now. Third floor is two bedrooms and a full bathroom (with a jacuzzi tub!). The “master” bedroom isn’t the one that I’m using and my landlord thinks that that is so weird. It’s bigger and it has the wardrobes! The smaller room has a skylight though and I love it more than anything. It’s tiny and cozy and that means that my (air) bed takes up more room and I don’t feel like things can/will go bump in the night as long as my door is closed.

I have a date to attend Airman Leadership School (ALS). It’s my first step towards obtaining the next rank and one of my last before I can get a certification to do my job as a civilian. I don’t think I want to do my job as a civilian. Not yet. Maybe someday, but not in the next few years. The certification would still be nice though. Just in case.

ALS is a month-long course and I about had a panic attack when I got the e-mail congratulating me for obtaining a spot in the class. Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited…it’s just a logistical nightmare since my car won’t be here (still) for another couple months. It takes place a good bit farther away from my house from work which means it’ll take at least 2 hours to bike there. It takes me an hour to bike to work. I’ll have to leave by about 0430 the first day to make sure that I’m on time and then I’ll tailor it from there. Ew. I did call and ask if they have space for me to keep my uniforms. They said that they do so that’s something anyway.

After spending the last 2 hours making rolls and chicken fettuccine, I now remember that two of my dinner guests are gluten intolerant. -_- I have edamame and mung bean noodles so that takes care of that but I don’t think I have any gluten-free flour left. Guess they don’t get rolls. Nobody’d better be lactose intolerant cuz SUCKS FOR THEM.

I lied. I have everything to make cashew cheese. Guess I’mma call everyone now and make sure.


So there was a shooting

I saw on on the local paper’s website that there was a shooting yesterday. Local to back home, that is. And it listed the shooter’s name and I thought the last name sounded familiar but shrugged it off.

This man was in my home. His wife went to nursing school with my Mom. He bought hair dye for my youngest sister because she mentioned she wanted to dye her hair purple then his daughter spent the night and they both did their hair.

What. The fuck. Happened???????

What is wrong with people????????? Him in particular! His poor wife and kids! And the men that he shot! One is dead and the dead one’s Father is in the hospital.

I’m just…I’m confused.

Oooh Daddy

Normally my parents and I just don’t talk about things that we know we don’t agree on (gay rights, abortion, etc), or if we do we keep it strictly to Facebook and pretend nothing happened when we’re on the phone next. My Mom has a system where she likes to text me to tell me when I’ve said something she doesn’t like – keeps the arguments quiet. No raised voices and we all love each other very much thank you.

It’s harder to do all that when I’m home. The whole thing with Hobby Lobby and the Supreme Court yesterday really rubbed me the wrong way and I put something about it on FB. I should have known better while I’m home…but what can I do now? Certainly not take back my truthful opinion. That would be dishonest and I don’t like that, no matter how much dissension it causes.

To make a long story short, Dad tried to tell me I was jumping on a bandwagon without being knowledgable on the subject (after I read many articles and skimmed through the Supreme Court opinions) which ended with him admitting that he had only seen one thing about it on television last night (his news shows are notoriously one sided) which made my Mother angry because I “made your Father look bad on public social media” which made me angry because he tried to do the same thing first by saying I was jumping on a bandwagon with having no knowledge on the subject…

So now my Mom’s mad at me to my face which never happens, my Dad’ll be over it by the time he gets home and I’m going to run away by taking my little brother to a movie and lunch.

Being home is fun ūüôā


I want to stay here so badly but what would I do? I refuse to end up as a deadbeat like a friend that I ran into the other night.

This guy taught me how to ride a bike with no handlebars when I was a kid. I was really good friends with his sister and he and my brother used to hang out all the time. Last I heard he joined the Army and was kicked out a couple years later. I didn’t even recognize him when I saw him in a bar on Thursday night…I asked him about his family, apparently he doesn’t talk to them even though he literally lives in the same town. Hell, we were IN that town. I asked my Mom about his family and told her I’d seen him and she said that the last time she asked his Mom how he was down she said, “well I haven’t seen him in the Police Blotters lately so…”

How sad. He works a deadbeat job (but at least he has one I guess) and goes out drinking almost every night.

What happens to people? He was such a great little kid. Happy. Why does life have to beat people down like that?

Being at home is wonderful. I haven’t cried yet and I’m proud of that, but I have come close many, many times.

My Friday lasted about 37 hours and when I got into the airport there was no one there to meet me. All these families and reunions and I was the only one left an hour later. I knew it was coming because there were pressing family matters happening (think hospitals) but it still sucked.
Eventually my Aunt came to get me. It was nice to catch up with her, but my first almost-tears happened when my Mom finally arrived at my Aunt’s house. Not when I saw her, when I¬†smelled her¬†–¬†sweat and whatever musk it is that she uses and mousse and smiles. And the tears didn’t almost happen because I was so very happy to see her, but because I know I have to leave again too soon.

Then again the next day when I hugged my Dad. Trees and laundry soap and hard work.

I’m not cut out for this life. I want to be home.

My little sister has it so good and she just doesn’t get it. She’s almost 20 and she lives with them but they’re about ready to kick her out. She’s always crabby and mean and snaps at people for nothing. She doesn’t help around the house and complains that they make her pay for her own cell bill and car insurance (she uses their extra car that 16 should be using soon) plus a measly $100/month rent. It’s not even $300/month all together. She doesn’t get how good she has it.
She works her cute little 6 hour shifts at BK, comes home and locks herself in her room because she’s “tired” and “needs alone time”.

If I lived here I would never be in my room except to sleep. And maybe change clothing. I’m doing that in the kitchen right now (it’s mostly walled in) so maybe I would just keep that up.

But I couldn’t live at home again. I’ve lived away from home for too long and my lifestyle is just too different from my parent’s. When I’m staying in their house I feel obligated to go to church, for one thing. Yesterday their Pastor was talking about how to gently broach the subject that your non-Christian friends will be going to Hell. If the only reason you “believe” is so that you don’t go to Hell, is that true belief?
I don’t know.

Everyone’s doing pretty well though. Little brother is strong now and even taller than last time I was home. He must be at least 6’4″. 16 year old sister is excited because she gets to work at the Summer Camp that we’ve attended since we were little. I worked there for 3 Summers and the 19 year old worked for half of last Summer. 16 is also a Senior now, so that’s really exciting for her. She wants to be a high school music teacher. She needs scholarships because college is expensive. 19 is…well. I’ve already said about 19. But she was just in here and she’s excited because she has a date.

I just want to stay here forever.

I’m home ūüôā


Hi. ¬†My name is SrA Molly Clune. ¬†I’m currently an Emergency Manager for the United States Air Force.

Tonight I am at home with my family.  I am extremely blessed in that I was able to take an entire week of leave in order to help my sister celebrate the fact that she graduated from High School Рno small task for some!

My family lives in the country Рthe middle of nowhere New York.  This is where I was born and raised, and I miss it.

The past two years I have been stationed in Maryland, near DC.  There are lights everywhere, and it is always busy.  I miss the country.  The quiet.  The peacefulness.

After most of the crowd had left my sister’s party tonight, a select few “young adults” stayed behind to play a game we like to call “man hunt”. ¬†This is like hide and go seek, except way scarier. ¬†And darker. ¬†Because, you see, “man hunt” can only be played at night. ¬†Otherwise it’s normal hide and go seek. ¬†Do you get the picture?

One of my friends was “it”, and “hunting” the rest of us after counting to one hundred on the porch. ¬†The rest of us had scattered to different places around the lawn, and I was lying in the tall grass to one side of the drive way on my back – sort of like Timon and Pumba in “The Lion King”. ¬†I looked up at the beautiful sky. ¬†This is a sky that I cannot see in Maryland. There are so many lights. ¬†There is so much hustle and bustle and movement…no one takes the time to look at the sky; and if they do, it’s almost impossible to really¬†see it.

So this sky…the first thing I noticed was the Little Dipper, then the North Star, and then Orion’s Belt. ¬†It’s sort of a cloudy night tonight, so the stars kept on being hidden by swift moving clouds (the clouds actually made me dizzy because of how fast they were moving!), and then coming out to play again. ¬†There were so many of them! ¬†So. ¬†Many. ¬†Stars. ¬†Little pinpricks of brightness against the dark night sky.

I can’t help but miss that majesty when I am away from it. ¬†All I want, for the rest of my life, is to be up there. ¬†Among those stars. ¬†I want to pave the way for others to see an even better view of the universe. ¬†I want to help discover galaxies and be the inspiration for others to continue exploration into space.

This is why I want to be part of the Mars One Project.

Why would or wouldn’t you like to go to space?