How rude!!

The next youngest, “A” texted me and said, “call M” (the youngest sister). I called, and she was sobbing. It’s 2330 there, and her boyfriend just broke up with her. Poor girl. Her very first boyfriend. Since it was the first, it was pretty much doomed…but I really did like that one. I guess it helps that I’ve known him since they were about 6, but I really liked them together. He has ambition (which is great in a 16 year old boy), he’s athletic, and he’s just the right amount of cynical. He’s pretty gorgeous too (as is my sister). They were a wonderful couple.

I guess he didn’t give much explanation tonight and wouldn’t pick up the phone. I told her to remember that good things don’t happen between midnight and 0700, and that it was almost midnight. And that she has school in the morning. So sleep, clear your head, and call him after school if you can’t see him (he’s homeschooled and lives about a 30 min drive away). Texting is the devil, and I think that’s how the entire thing has gone down so far – which I find ridiculous.

I also told her to remember that he’s a 16 year old boy. They can be quite stupid.