Any 2018 Resolutions?

I started a bullet journal.  Spent 3 days or so creating pages where I can put my thoughts, moods and habits. I think I’ve touched in twice in the 8 days since the new year. How fun.  Maybe one of my resolutions should be to do that daily.  Also, not to wreck this computer any more than I have (the enter and screen brightening buttons no longer works). Okay, 1) no spilling booze (or ANYTHING but honestly the problem is booze) on my laptop.  2) hmm maybe this one should be to stop drinking so much booze? A friend reached out a few months ago genuinely concerned about my intake. I laughed her off because KOREA IS A PARTY. I’m not in Korea anymore, but England is continuing that party. Maybe Molly should check out AA (I’m not an alcoholic. I went a month without drinking not long ago because I knew it would be good for me. It was not difficult. I just have trouble having only one or two when I DO drink, you know?). What about 3)?  Care less about what people think and more about what I think work-wise. I know I do a good fucking job. If my bosses don’t see it, there’s not much I can do. I refuse to kiss their asses. Hopefully they won’t want me to here. 4) hygge  5) Fucking DATE somebody this year. At least go on one date. Maybe even two dates! I don’t care if I get married but I’d like to find someone to spend time with. You know? I’d like to date. I hate relationships because they cause bullshit and drama and it means that I have to answer to another human being. But I like relationships because of closeness and there’s always someone there for you. My best friend thinks I should date my roommate. I don’t think I’m interested in my roommate. He’s great but he’s a fixer upper. I don’t want a fixer upper.                                                                                                                                                                              Okay, using the space bar to add line breaks is too slow. What are your 2018 resolutions?

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