It’s not right

My parent’s both work 60 hours a week at least. They work until they barely have time for their family and then some. And they have three kids living at home right now that they have to factor in to everything (two are going off to college, one next week and one two weeks later. But still). And I’m here in New Mexico for two weeks, and when I offer to fly my Mom out for three 1/2 days of hang time, my Dad says, “I don’t feel like we can afford for her to miss work”. I get that. I do. Neither of them make what they deserve, and the place that they live in sucks a lot of money out of them. I’m partially to blame for that. The last time they re-mortgaged the house was for me. So that I could go to boarding school.

But it’sĀ four days, one of which she isn’t even scheduled to work. And I feel like she (and Dad) works too much for too little to not be able to miss a couple of days of work. And I know that they’re not the only ones. But it’s not right. If I’m willing to pay for her flight and I already have the hotel then there should never be a problem. It makes me so angry that they have this problem.

And they never let me send money home. 90% of my friends send money to their parents every month to help them make the bills and all that. And my parents have never let me, which is nice I guess. They say, “you’re the kid. If anyone helps anyone it should be us helping you”. But I’m one person. They’re five, and two work with not enough pay. And it’s cruel of them to not accept my help and then say they don’t have the money for Mom to visit. I know it’s not really cruel. It’s just how it feels to me. Because my feelings count, right? They don’t really need to, and maybe they shouldn’t. But I want them to.