Tonight I wait

Now my washer is broken and so is the heat. wups. Not my fault the hot water heater decided to stop holding hot water (again). Second time in two weeks, is that a record? Silly hot water heater. Don’t you know any better?

Maybe I’m not just adult enough to live on my own. In a house especially. I need a little mini-space where all I need to worry about is sleep and sustenance.

Wups, just spilled beer on my laptop. Mother fucker. I turned it off, dried it, then turned it back on about fifteen minutes later. It seems to be okay now. I think my bed absorbed the brunt of the beer. Way to go bed! Maybe I’ll absorb it back next time I sleep in you ;p
Orrrr maybe I’ll clean it up.

Okay, things are clean. They still smell a bit like beer, but it’s all as good as I could get. I soaked my sheets in a full tub of (cold) water with laundry soap and then scrubbed them and now they’re in the dryer. Best I can do without hot water, eh?

I need a shower so badly.

Life is fun. Interesting. I’m learning new things daily. Today I went snowboarding and learned that if your breaks go out while driving home (big mountain) you should just shift into a higher gear and keep going. They’ll work again eventually (apparently). How does that work for stop signs? hmm. Hopefully I’ll never find out.

I am currently waiting for my friend Kim to pick me up. We’re going to dinner with 10 people I’ve never met before, all hashers (I really need to write a blog about hashing. I don’t think I have yet. I’ve been obsessed with it since last July). We’re all staying at Kim’s all weekend and going to Carnivale tomorrow evening if we’re not too drunk. If we are too drunk then we’ll go Sunday. Everyone has off for President’s Day so that’s very fortunate. I love holidays 🙂

Next weekend I’m getting a cat. His name is Diego. I will let you know how that goes…I hate cats. But he’s company and I’m scared of the dark.


7 thoughts on “Tonight I wait

  1. ordinarybutloud says:

    Curious, Diego the unloved cat, protecting you from the dark. Sorry about the water heater. 😦

    • Nah, I love him. Or will. I wouldn’t take an animal in that I couldn’t see myself loving. His current owners are headed to an assignment where they can’t take him 😦
      The water heater ended up being fortunate, sounds like a got a new washer out of the whole deal. I haven’t been home since I posted this so we’ll see later today.

  2. you seem very happy. tell us about hashing. please.

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