I am trying to make my audition video. This song…I’ve done it thousands of times in front of people perfectly (well. Close). And now? Now when I need to do it perfectly my voice shakes every time I try to hold a note. I hate this.


6 thoughts on “

  1. fake yourself out. pretend you’re singing it for friends.

  2. ginjuh says:

    I think this is Will Farrell’s monologue from “Step Brothers” after he sings “Something to talk about. Break a leg.

  3. newsongoftheheart says:

    Or, go ahead and have someone there while you make your video. I got nuthin’ else, kiddo. What time of day do you sing your best? Are you well rested, got enough fluids, etc etc? Are you having fun, pretending you’re doing it at a show, already part of the group, not thinking of it as an audition?

    • There’s someone there filming normally and I got a couple decent takes but all when there was no one so I’m going to try no one again this morning. I don’t know when I sing my best and I’ve had this dumb COLD for two weeks now and it’s dumb and I hate it but yes, I have fluids and rest and all that.

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