I was just watching a show where a wife forges her husband’s signature on a document for a friend. It made me think of my parents: I have seen things that my dad wrote before he got married to my mom and obviously have seen a lot afterwards and it’s like his signature style completely changed after they got married. She doesn’t forge his signature so much as he forges her forging his signature…If that makes sense.
And then that got me thinking about marriage and how everyone I know who is my age and has gotten married has just completely change who and what they are and they just sort of melted into this couple thing and I don’t even know them anymore. And I wonder how my parents were before they met. Who was dad? He was married before mom. but who was he before he was married that first time? What did he like before he started liking things because his wife liked them. Why do people get this way when they get married?

Marriage is weird. I like having my own identity.


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  1. forges her forging his signature. wow. how is it different? no, seriously, how is it different?

    i do not believe that you have to completely change yourself to be married. i hope you are seeing this differently than the reality, because it seems to me that a lasting, happy marriage is impossible if the people in it are not authentic to themselves.

    i feel rather confident that your parents are happily married- whatever personality changes occurred were probably welcomed. but talk to your dad.

  2. newsongoftheheart says:

    Interesting observations. I can only speak for myself. Yes, there were times when I was younger when I wasn’t quite sure who I was, and I became too much of the other person. And there have been times when the other person didn’t seem to be interested in who I was, they just wanted someone who would reflect back their own ideas. I guess the balance is in finding someone who appreciates who you are, and you appreciate who they are, and together you explore and grow. I think it’s natural to learn to enjoy your love’s interests, but I think if you want to maintain your individuality, you will. It sounds like you could have a really interesting conversation with your dad or your mom.

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