So there was a shooting

I saw on on the local paper’s website that there was a shooting yesterday. Local to back home, that is. And it listed the shooter’s name and I thought the last name sounded familiar but shrugged it off.

This man was in my home. His wife went to nursing school with my Mom. He bought hair dye for my youngest sister because she mentioned she wanted to dye her hair purple then his daughter spent the night and they both did their hair.

What. The fuck. Happened???????

What is wrong with people????????? Him in particular! His poor wife and kids! And the men that he shot! One is dead and the dead one’s Father is in the hospital.

I’m just…I’m confused.


One thought on “So there was a shooting

  1. newsongoftheheart says:

    I think he must have been under pressure of some sort. It builds up, we don’t know how to let it go. More and more…maybe the job, maybe the bills, maybe relationships. So much is expected of us, but how do we cope with it all? For some reason we reach a point where the tiniest thing makes us snap. And if we happen to have a lethal weapon on us, it makes it all the more terrible. I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to understand sudden violence, because we’d have to understand what was going on in someone’s mind. The world in general seems to be a colder place these days, where human life is no longer valued. What makes society change like that? And how do we go back to simpler days? It must be a great shock to you, because this man was once in your life and knew your family. I imagine the shock to his own family is unbearable. All the more reason to reach out to others with love and compassion, to try to understand the differences between us and learn to accept them. More love, less hate and intolerance. ((((hugs))))

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