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My flight leaves in six and a half very short hours. I don’t want to leave but I am oh so ready to be back. For one thing, this damn keyboard. I’m using a keyboard at the hostel I’m staying in and it’s set up just differently enough to be annoying. For example, the apostrophe is with the 7. So you have to hit shift then 7 to get ‘. How annoying. And the @ is it’s own little button instead of being with 2 like it belongs. Okay, so not it’s own little button. There are some other things with it but we don’t use them with English. Not that I’m aware of.
My face and hair are definitely ready to return. I’ve spent the last week living out of a tiny backpack with minimal products. It has made my pores sad and my hair frizzy. I normally don’t care but I’ve gotten so used to not having zits and to my hair not being frizzy that I want my creature comforts back.
I’m writing down all of my stories in a journal so that I can share the best with you when I’m back in Korea. There are so many! So many. I started taking little notes so that I could remember them and it looks sort of like an outline in my journal.
Title: Japan (by the way, : is different too. Just found that out)
1. Leaving Korea
a. Everything’s dandy until I almost miss my flight
b. The chick beside me on the plane
2. Kyoto
a. Perpetually lost
b. Dude from Chile and his sister
c. CoCo’s Ichibanya
d. The Geisha that glared at me
e. Sim’s Cozy Teahouse
3. Komatsu
a. I missed my stop because I was engrossed in a book and my poor cousin and his wife waited over an hour for me
b. Lost $50 and just found out
c. Beer
d. *He’s a pervert*
e. Food, food and more food
f. Soccer
g. Castle
h. Did I mention food?
4. Misawa
a. 7 hour train ride = so much drunkenness
b. I love that you can drink in public here
c. More food
d. Surfing
e. Food
f. Waterfalls – behind one
g. So. Much. Food.
h. Awesome Netflix show, the name of which escapes me
i. Almost missed my train
5. Tokyo
a. Smoke on tracks
b. Lost in Tokyo
c. Cooper
d. Impromptu jam session
e. Hostels are the best thing in the world
f. The fish market
g. Tokyo Tower
h. 7 story sex shop
i. More to come…

Caveat: I did not wake up to go to the fish market and am about to leave for the Tokyo Tower. Hopefully I make it to the 7 story sex shop. I’ve heard many, MANY stories. And then I’ll have to race to catch a train to the airport so that I don’t miss my flight.



3 thoughts on “More on Japan

  1. theinfiniterally says:

    Sure, HE’S the pervert. 7 story sex shop indeed.

    Looks like lots of good reading. Happy travels!

  2. dreamelysium says:

    Oh man! I really need to catch up and be on wordpress more often. i sign on again and see that you’re in japan! Must read asap. I miss japan so so much! gahh! Hope you are well! 😀 xoxo

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