Japan is great so far! I have so many stories to tell you all already but I’ll just do a quick and not so happy one since I don’t have much time.

Yesterday while wandering in Kyoto I lost a 5000 ¥ note. That’s about $50. I was very, very upset when I lost it. In the grand scheme, $50 isn’t a lot. When you are me in this time of my life, $50 is a ginormous sum. A fourth of the spending money I budgeted for this trip (to include food).
Right now I’m at my cousin’s house and I won’t need money for a couple days. I’ve already offered a few times to pay for something and he and his wife will have none of it. So that $50 is what I may have used for the 2 days I am here and will not need and hopefully someone who needs it found it and can eat or pay electric or buy their kid a pair of badly needed shoes because of it.
It still kinda blows and I’m being super careful now. All money will be put back into my wallet immediately instead of stuffed into my pocket to be dealt with later…but hopefully it’s useful to someone who needs it.


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  1. theinfiniterally says:

    That’s a good attitude to have. I’m glad you will survive without it. Bummer, though.

  2. Sucks to lose money. In Colombia a few years ago I lost a 50,000 peso note (about $25 bucks) while running an errand. I retraced my steps and found it in the grass by the sidewalk. My wife (my fiancee at the time) was impressed.

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