I was going to write an extremely serious post but I don’t want to reveal all of the things that it might until I look through my entire subscriber list and see who would automatically see it.
Sooo I’mma talk about Tinder instead!

The other night a friend introduced me to a phone application called “Tinder”. Tinder uses your Facebook profile (which I was hesitant about at first) to grab pictures of you. You put up who you’re looking for (it’s basically a dating app) and it searches for people in your area (you pick the mileage).
The Facebook issue – you choose which photos the app uses and all it gives the person who is viewing you is the “interests” that you have in common, the pictures you choose and whatever short blurb you choose to write about yourself. It also uses your phone’s location setting to ascertain whether or not you are within their area and gives them an approximate mileage that you are away from them. Also, it only gives your first name and age.
When you go into the app it searches for matches. When a picture pops up, you can swipe left and never see it again or swipe right to show interest. If you click on the picture it takes you to the person’s profile, where you can see their pictures, approximate mileage, shared interests and short blurb.
If you happen to pop up on the screen of someone you have “liked” and they “like” you, the application lets you both know and a chat option becomes available. If either of you swipes left then you won’t see that particular person come across your app again.
It’s a pretty cool system. And the swiping is fun.
Tinder has made me realize how picky I am. If the first photo (the one you click on to see the profile) is grainy, a “selfie”, includes other people or I just don’t like it, I automatically swipe left. If I click on it and the person is not fully clothed in an additional photo (unless the picture is of them doing an activity where it makes sense. Like swimming), is wearing a military uniform or is super close to a female (it’s a dating app. If you want to date someone from the app then why in the world would you have it look like you may already be seeing someone?) then they get swiped left. Other quick left swipes are if they have no blurb and no additional pictures, I can’t actually see them in the first picture or if they are obviously military (I can normally tell by the hair or approximate mileage) (I guess I’m just on a “no Military kick right now. Military guys are all I’ve dated for almost four years and I want CHANGE).
Sometimes I accidentally swipe right. But then if you get matched, you can change your mind. It all works out.
I’ve been playing with this app for a couple days now and I have about 7 mutual “likes”. I think I’ve swiped right on MAYBE 15 people total. Two accidentally. I’ve been chatting with a guy named Jup. I’m going to guess it’s a nickname but I am not positive…I’ll be asking. He’s British and has been in Korea for 3 years. He’s an English teacher. There can’t be that many “Jup”s on Facebook so I might have to scope him out. That’s the nice part about it being linked to Facebook! Haha. Even if his profile is completely private, I can still see his friends list. As long as friends lists aren’t completely made up of spambots, I tend to think a person is legit. Maybe that’s too trusting of me.
Anyway, he seems nice. I don’t actually want to date anyone but maybe I can get him to come hashing!


9 thoughts on “Tinder

  1. theinfiniterally says:

    Hashing? You youngsters and your stuff I don’t understand.

    This seems like it falls in line with the theme of dating more. I thought the guy argued pretty persuasively for that. Technology, what can’t you do?

  2. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Since I am 81 and now married 49 years, I will not be using this fun webpage. My single daughter is in her mid 50’s and I was not sure if I should. lol

    Someone wrote that Parents should be sure their teens are not on Fling. lol I took a look and saw the forbidden and felt stupid. Teens should definitely not go there. Awful

  3. SouthernHon says:

    Good luck! Hope you can find a decent guy there.

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