But what does it MEAN?

I had a dream about Doctor Who last night. I think it stemmed from the fact that the new season is starting soon. I don’t know.
In my dream, the first time we saw Peter Capaldi he was dressed in drag and painting murals on a ceiling. It was a very high ceiling. He was on a very very very large ladder and I would have been worried about him falling except that he just looked so freaking stable.
Anyway. Weird dreams are weird.
We went on tons of adventures to all different times and for a while I couldn’t see him because he was lost in the time stream. But even though I couldn’t see him or hear him, he was right near me I guess? And we could only communicate using can and string “phones”. I would find them in random places and eventually figured out that he put them there so that we could try to figure shit out.
I don’t remember how we ended up getting him out of the time stream but when we did he looked like my friend Chris and we were in my parent’s church. At their church, someone sent me a text message of the sermon. When I swiped to see the message, instead of being on my phone it came out of my mouth (in the Pastor’s voice). Everyone was like, “da fuck is happening right now? Omg it’s A MESSAGE STRAIGHT FROM THE LORD” and I was like, “guys I can’t stop” except I couldn’t say that cuz the only thing I could do was give them the sermon until it was over.
Then it was my birthday (which is tomorrow) party (which was supposed to be this weekend but I received one RSVP so I think I’mma cancel -_-) which took place at work. This party was supposed to consist of the most awesome drinking game in the world, called True American (if you watch New Girl then you know what this is).
(I spent hours coming up with rules and different ideas for game play cuz you can pretty much do whatever you want. I was really excited for this. Oh well.) but in my dream, my Mother invited the entire Baptist Church. She was trying to be nice but it annoyed me quite a bit because of how much I’ve been looking forward to this. By the time I got the church folk out of here, none of my friends were around to play the game. And then I woke up sad.
Interpret that.


8 thoughts on “But what does it MEAN?

  1. *happy birthday. !!
    *people don’t RSVP anymore. have your party anyhow. if you want to.
    as for interpretation: your mom and the baptist church wouldn’t approve of your party game. perhaps you are subconsciously thinking maybe you don’t approve of it either. which is not to say you shouldn’t do it.
    *super cool about the voice of the lord. people who claim to speak for the lord are talking heads. if that’s the right phrase. sheep will believe them because they are sheep.
    *how do you feel about your friend Chris?
    *you’re Dr. Who obsessed. i’m not sure anything else needs to be said about that. đŸ™‚

    • I don’t want to have my party with people who don’t RSVP. Those people are stupid. I already sent out a cancelation e-mail anyway.
      A lot of my friends at the Baptist church would actually play with me (they’re not the strictest Baptists) and I think my Mom would actually love the game if she could just drink a couple beers or some wine while playing instead of like 10 beers. It’s a game that’s completely awesome and not rude.
      Sheep are stupid. And it’s kind of funny because I just remembered all of the Bible verses about Christians being sheep. I don’t like people who don’t think for themselves and I see that a lot in the church.
      I don’t really feel any way about Chris. I haven’t seen him in like a year and a half.
      Doctor Who is life. I had an Adipose on my desk and the Chief broke it. It made me sad.

  2. Humor_Me_Now says:

    It was a frustrating dream. I have those. It was also about rebelling against strict rules in my opinion. We all live rather quiet lives to avoid offending others around us.

    Happy Birthday. The good news is that you were born and you get to choose the life you want. I am 81 and still trying to figure that out.

  3. theinfiniterally says:

    Happy birthday! I had no idea. Now I get to read up on teh astrologies.

    Carrie says good stuff. My interpretation of stuff is usually only helpful in its wrongness. People always say, “That’s way off, but now I understand my (dream/thoughts/feelings) better.” I guess it’s better than being useless. If I had to guess at a theme, it would be fear of family and church interfering with the direction of your life. And maybe being a puppet. Do you fear puppetry.

    Weird dreams. I watched the first episode of one of the cycles. I liked it and plan on watching more.

    Birthday wishes again. I’d make everyone come to your party if i could. What they hell are they thinking?

    • I don’t put much stock in astrology. Maybe I will now that I’m 23. That seams like a 23 year old thing to do. Why the fuck not? Live big!
      The church can’t do much interfering if I don’t speak to them or go there. My family can since I’m always afraid to disappoint. It would make me a puppet if I let other people completely control me and I don’t want that and might fear it a bit. Good interpretation.
      You definitely need to watch more Doctor Who. It is very important.
      They were thinking that they’re lame.
      Thank you for the birthday wishes.

      • theinfiniterally says:

        I wouldn’t dabble in astrology if it goes against your faith. If it doesn’t, well, go for it! I had big fun dabbling yesterday. You’re a Leo, right? I have to ask because I got lost in a maze of never-ending astrological readings and it all started to blur together. Anyway, Leos are nifty, apparently! You should be proud!

        They are so lame! But I hope things came together better for your birthday than you thought. I’ll be watching the good doctor later in your honor.

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