Rants on a few different topics:
1. If I ask permission to do something and you (as the person in charge) tell me that it’s an a-okay thing to do, I expect to not get in trouble for it later. Maybe that’s asking too much. I don’t know.
2. My performance report is coming for my signature soon and my supervisor made it sound like I didn’t receive a perfect score even though a) he knows how much I need one, b) he told me that’s what I was getting and c) he does nothing around here and he got a perfect score.
3. This fucking final paper is going to be the death of me. It’s about the criminal justice system and it is ten pages of nothing but research. And it was due yesterday. I got an extension out of my Prof because my laptop DIED OUT OF NOWHERE last week but I want more. More extension. MORE. This paper sucks.
4. Speaking of my laptop, did I mention it FUCKING DIED LAST WEEK? So I’m laptopless. I need to save money before I take it in because I think it will probably be expensive. And I think I lost everything on my hard drive so I just might cry. That is five years’ worth of pictures, music, and writing. All three of my NaNoNovels which have hundreds of hours of work into them.
When it’s better I’m buying something to back everything up onto and doing that daily.
Fuck my life.

Okay, rants are over.

On the upside, I have a great life and a great family who loves me. I have friends and just made a bunch more through “hashing” (which is completely awesome and I will tell you about sometime). My classes are over after I finish this paper and I don’t have to sign up for more until I want to (so until I have a working laptop). GISHWHES is next week and Tops in Blue will get here before the week is out. I’m writing this on my work computer (where I’m writing my paper) and since work is out I have a beer in hand.

Life. Is. Good. All of my problems are strictly first world and the only time they really bother me is when I think about them.


2 thoughts on “Rantathon

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    I sure hope you do well with grades and get a really good laptop. I saved up for a year and bought a Mac Book Air Retina screen one. I am low tech and underutilized it, but I just like Apple things.

    Wishing you the best. BTW I graduated in 1960 with a C average and had a great career.

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