Here I sit, praying for the pizza man…

Did I tell you all that my Mother asked me to go raw with her? She gave me a book to read and everything! And it was a good book. Very informational and exciting – it made me want to join her!

It’s been three days now. Three days of only raw foods. More fruits and veggies and nuts than you can count. I made my own peanut butter (and it turned out surprisingly yummy), switched from coffee to green tea to start weaning myself off of caffeine (which is fine. I love coffee for the taste and smell and everything about it but I can live without) and ordered a dehydrator.

Do you know how many raw recipes call for a freaking dehydrator? The lowest the oven here goes is 225. Raw food is under 120. I want to make raw burgers and pizza and bread and crepes…

I don’t have an addictive personality but I am addicted to cooked food. It’s ingrained in me. I love it. It’s part of my life.

So I ordered pizza online (I told all of my friends what I’m doing, so I don’t dare go out and have pizza. Someone might see me) and am praying for the pizza man to hurry his butt up because I. Want. It.

I’m also praying that my Mother won’t ask what I had for dinner tonight when I call her in a couple hours.

When my dehydrator gets here I swear I’ll stick to this shit. It just takes planning.


15 thoughts on “Here I sit, praying for the pizza man…

  1. bet you could find a recipe for raw pizza
    you rock.

  2. Humor_Me_Now says:

    You remind me of my wife. She wants to lose weight while eating ice cream, candy, and pastries. lol

    I am almost 81 so I will stay with my coffee, McD’s, and my wife’s occasional meal.

    I am sure that raw food is better. I wish you success since you are young enough for it to matter.

  3. theinfiniterally says:

    It’s good for the body and soul to eat food you believe in. I’d love to have a dehydrator. I’m not sure if they would work properly in this climate.

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