Petition to end Summer Vacation

During K-12 most of us were given a “Summer Vacation”. Two to three months of blissful sun and swimming and no real responsibility.

I say that’s bullshit. If schools want to prepare us for the “real world” then Summer Vacation has got to go.  College summers can stay since most college students use it for working, summer classes and/or internships anyway, but K-12? No way. Instead of Summer Vacation make 4-5 weeklong breaks throughout the school year. There are already several, so this shouldn’t be hard to fit in. Use the rest of the time for active learning. This way when students graduate, they are not let down so hard experiencing the adulthood for that first Summer.  They may be lucky enough to find a job that lets them take many vacation days starting right off, but that is just like their several weeks during the school year. This will make for more productive adults. Instead of longing for the the days of our youth and summer fun, adults will feel as though summers are for working, just like every other season.



8 thoughts on “Petition to end Summer Vacation

  1. there are places where year round school is the norm.
    anyhow. the point here is that your vacation has ended.
    my problem with summer vacation is that everyone else gets to go on some fabulous trip.

  2. Humor_Me_Now says:

    I would like to think that education would use it times well as you are suggesting, but also be low-cost for a lifetime of learning. If I was starting my career over today, it would include at least one college class continually of some sorts.

  3. […] Source: Petition to end Summer Vacation […]

  4. theinfiniterally says:

    If people were free to pursue what they loved, life might seem an endless vacation and education might never end.

  5. bearonthecouch says:

    As a teacher, I would LOVE the year-round model, where you get staggered breaks. I think it would do a tremendous amount to decrease burnout and nurture an attitude of lifelong learning.

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