Oooh Daddy

Normally my parents and I just don’t talk about things that we know we don’t agree on (gay rights, abortion, etc), or if we do we keep it strictly to Facebook and pretend nothing happened when we’re on the phone next. My Mom has a system where she likes to text me to tell me when I’ve said something she doesn’t like – keeps the arguments quiet. No raised voices and we all love each other very much thank you.

It’s harder to do all that when I’m home. The whole thing with Hobby Lobby and the Supreme Court yesterday really rubbed me the wrong way and I put something about it on FB. I should have known better while I’m home…but what can I do now? Certainly not take back my truthful opinion. That would be dishonest and I don’t like that, no matter how much dissension it causes.

To make a long story short, Dad tried to tell me I was jumping on a bandwagon without being knowledgable on the subject (after I read many articles and skimmed through the Supreme Court opinions) which ended with him admitting that he had only seen one thing about it on television last night (his news shows are notoriously one sided) which made my Mother angry because I “made your Father look bad on public social media” which made me angry because he tried to do the same thing first by saying I was jumping on a bandwagon with having no knowledge on the subject…

So now my Mom’s mad at me to my face which never happens, my Dad’ll be over it by the time he gets home and I’m going to run away by taking my little brother to a movie and lunch.

Being home is fun 🙂


6 thoughts on “Oooh Daddy

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    Abortion is still an issue that divides the country. It affects families.

    I hope you and your parents in time will have a very pleasant relationship.

    • I have a great relationship with my parents, we just stay away from hard topics normally. My Mom is one of my best friends. I’m so close to them!
      Abortion does divide the country and families, birth control should not.

  2. hmm. it certainly is a topic with lots of opinions. just apologize and have a good visit. it’s not worth unpleasantness at home. and block people from seeing stuff you know they won’t like. 🙂

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