Being at home is wonderful. I haven’t cried yet and I’m proud of that, but I have come close many, many times.

My Friday lasted about 37 hours and when I got into the airport there was no one there to meet me. All these families and reunions and I was the only one left an hour later. I knew it was coming because there were pressing family matters happening (think hospitals) but it still sucked.
Eventually my Aunt came to get me. It was nice to catch up with her, but my first almost-tears happened when my Mom finally arrived at my Aunt’s house. Not when I saw her, when I smelled her – sweat and whatever musk it is that she uses and mousse and smiles. And the tears didn’t almost happen because I was so very happy to see her, but because I know I have to leave again too soon.

Then again the next day when I hugged my Dad. Trees and laundry soap and hard work.

I’m not cut out for this life. I want to be home.

My little sister has it so good and she just doesn’t get it. She’s almost 20 and she lives with them but they’re about ready to kick her out. She’s always crabby and mean and snaps at people for nothing. She doesn’t help around the house and complains that they make her pay for her own cell bill and car insurance (she uses their extra car that 16 should be using soon) plus a measly $100/month rent. It’s not even $300/month all together. She doesn’t get how good she has it.
She works her cute little 6 hour shifts at BK, comes home and locks herself in her room because she’s “tired” and “needs alone time”.

If I lived here I would never be in my room except to sleep. And maybe change clothing. I’m doing that in the kitchen right now (it’s mostly walled in) so maybe I would just keep that up.

But I couldn’t live at home again. I’ve lived away from home for too long and my lifestyle is just too different from my parent’s. When I’m staying in their house I feel obligated to go to church, for one thing. Yesterday their Pastor was talking about how to gently broach the subject that your non-Christian friends will be going to Hell. If the only reason you “believe” is so that you don’t go to Hell, is that true belief?
I don’t know.

Everyone’s doing pretty well though. Little brother is strong now and even taller than last time I was home. He must be at least 6’4″. 16 year old sister is excited because she gets to work at the Summer Camp that we’ve attended since we were little. I worked there for 3 Summers and the 19 year old worked for half of last Summer. 16 is also a Senior now, so that’s really exciting for her. She wants to be a high school music teacher. She needs scholarships because college is expensive. 19 is…well. I’ve already said about 19. But she was just in here and she’s excited because she has a date.

I just want to stay here forever.

I’m home 🙂


6 thoughts on “I’m home :)

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    I know what you are saying about church. Some church people have lived like cocoons that they are totally out of touch with why people really do need the gospel. Paul told people about Jesus and the resurrection and told church people to shape up. lol

    Once I left home there was no going back. My mom abused me in odd ways and I had other sadistic experiences no child should expereince.

    Your siblings sound normal. lol

    Oh to be young again–I am 80 and all my family is gone–parents and brothers. I have lived long enough to see my great grand children. That is really delightful.

  2. welcome home for a little. 🙂

  3. gfizz says:

    This is sweet 🙂

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