1 Year on WP

Word Press tells me I’ve been here a year already. It doesn’t feel that way but I suppose it really has been. After all, it was almost a year ago that I documented the VA Beach trip that I took with my sister and that was all on here. And mostly through my phone – which was very convenient.

What’s happened this past year? Let’s take a look through memory lane (aka top 10 moments of the past year as documented on WP)…

1. Deviled eggs were discovered. Or. Well. My love for them was discovered.
2. I realized how vehemently I don’t want children AND really started to embrace my feminist side.
3. I analyzed the most recent Star Trek movie,
4. “Couch Surfing” happened with my lovely sister.
5. I went to VidCon but didn’t write about it at all (I’d like to actually. Maybe sometime soon) and then didn’t post until 3 months later when I proceeded to write only that “I miss Xanga” and then not write for another two months. But I did write about some other great adventures!
6. I had a series of debauched nights that were fun and meaningless. I did not write about them all.
7. I messed up my hair. So. Badly.
8. I made a kick ass Christmas Playlist for you all.
9. I had a few deep (ishthoughts. (just a few)
10. I actually did date this guy for a little while. And then I sabotaged it Because relationships are for stable people.


It’s been a pretty great year. Thanks for being here with me 🙂


On another note, WHY DOES IT TELL ME THAT I LINKED TO MY OWN POSTS?@?!1!??! I do not need a notification for that, Word Press.


5 thoughts on “1 Year on WP

  1. congrats. and fun retrospective. 🙂

  2. Yeah I got my anniversary notice from wp as well. Which means is been longer than a year since I’ve xanga-d and that makes me sad.

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