Contemporary Moral Values

“Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what’s right”
-Isaac Asimov

It’s an interesting thought but not what I want to write about today.
It’s been an hour since I wrote that I can’t remember what I did want to talk about, so I guess we’ll carry on with the quote.

Over the past 2 years I’ve been slowly taking college courses online. Onesies and twosies where I could squeeze them in with work and whatever else was going on. Today two more classes start, Intro to Criminal Justice (CCJS 100) and Contemporary Moral Values (Phil 140). I can’t yet enter my online classroom for CCJS so we’re not going to discuss that – although I am excited for the class to begin (the Powers That Be are working on my access) but Phil 140 looks pretty interesting.

During high school I went to a small Christian boarding school in the middle of cornfields in Iowa. All seniors at this school were required to take a Philosophy course entitled “Christian Thought”. At the time the course covered much more than a “Christian” way of thinking – we were allowed to ask questions in this class that most of us, being from more sheltered Christian families, had mostly been discouraged from asking before. If we did ask them then we were given the Biblical answer and the case was closed. In this course our teacher taught us to approach our questions thoughtfully and from many different viewpoints. He taught us that sometimes tunneling through a mountain, although harder, is a more effective way to understand what exactly the mountain is made of than simply taking samples of the soil. Sometimes you need to dig deep in order to get to the answers you need (not always the ones you want).

It’s been a long time since I put my mind to work like this. We’re going to cover poverty, the death penalty, euthanasia, abortion, animal rights and much more. The homework is fairly simple looking so I’m not worried about that; what I am worried about is the arguments that I’m sure will happen in the chat room over these issues. I’m hoping that it won’t get too crazy and I’m looking forward to not only learning how my classmates think but also learning more about how my own brain works.

On another note, my sister texted me. There’s a guy who’s been in love with her for years now and he won’t leave her alone about it even though she has told him “no” multiple times, so I wrote a little script for her to say to him next time he brings up his “undying love” for her and how “God gave him a dream that they would be together”.

Apparently his reaction to what she said (that it’s completely disrespectful of him to not understand that no means no, not maybe and that he’s treating her with less respect than he would treat a child) was to call her immature and say that she needs Jesus (btw he’s in Seminary).



9 thoughts on “Contemporary Moral Values

  1. i weep for christianity. i wonder if she might have to pass along those texts.

    i’m excited to hear more about your moral issues. sounds fascinating.

  2. SouthernHon says:

    Sounds really cool. As an Episcopalian, we are kind of taught that the Bible, while great for obvious reasons, doesn’t have ALL the answers.

  3. Humor_Me_Now says:

    I feel like an outsider in some ways. I was not born again until I was 30 and had an immediate interest in reading the Bible. I am 80 and still read the entire Bible annually. I love the way Atheists take those dreadful stories out of the Bible and used them to try and prove God is unjust and unfair if He does exist, but probably doesn’t. lol

    I am not intellectual or academic at all. I got a 4 year degree in Business Administration with a ‘C’ average, so I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. lol

    I can’t get past what Christ did no the cross according to the Bible followed by His resurrection. I do not know why churches want to devote time and energy to national issues like abortion, same sex marriages, etc. The Gospel of Christ is so incredible that all other subjects pale into comparison.

    I took a philosophy class in college–required–and hated it. lol

    I think what you are doing is wonderful–educating yourself and digging into important, controversial issues, and becoming knowledgeable. That is great. I am very weak in these areas and unable to have a sophisticated talk about these issues.

    I limited myself to only 3 issues in my lif—my wife and children, career and church. It any demand on my time did not benefit those three areas, I declined.

    I am sure you will love those classes—good for you!!!!!

  4. madhousewife says:

    I remember my Ethics class in college being a lot of fun. Except for when we talked about the death penalty. I was the only one in the class who was against it. (It was a tiny Southern Baptist college. Not representative of most people’s college experience, probably.)

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