“A Dime A Dozen”

“These girls are a dime a dozen”. This from a large, womanizing, homophobic, egotistical Hispanic man. This from an idiot who doesn’t care to see the damage that is dealt when you group multiple human beings under the same, simple words.
“But at least Hispanic girls’ll try things other girls won’t”. These words come from a short, fat, blundering and stupid white man. His stomach hangs out over work pants that settle too far down on his hips and I want to spit on him.

I am not a dime a dozen. I am a living, breathing Woman and you will not degrade me by telling me that I am the same as every other human being with two X chromosomes. You will not make me feel as though my thoughts and hobbies and quirks don’t matter.

They do.

I wish them both years of work trying to win over a single female, only to be left at the altar.

I wish them both pain and frustration as Fathers whose baby’s Mothers won’t let them see their child.

I wish for neither of them to find happiness (alone or with another) unless they somehow learn an inherent respect for all human beings.

I wish them my pain. I wish on them the generalization and the whistles and the jokes and the catcalls. I wish the threats and demeaning questions and the assumption that “you can’t function under that much stress. You’re just a girl”.

I wish these things so they may begin to understand.

I am more than “just a girl”. I am fire and brimstone; I will burn down the earth and graffiti the sky. I am an ocean with waves that crash onto your shore, destroying your most labor-intensive sand castles—you cannot own me. I take up space – More and MORE AND MORE until there is no room left for you and your words that cut into my skin even though I do not want to let them.

What I am not is one single, intelligible thought, and you cannot define me by the unintelligible thoughts that makes up anyone else.


7 thoughts on ““A Dime A Dozen”

  1. you don’t need to wish those bad things upon them. the blockages they built into their personalities trying to make up for their own shortcomings will result in all those things.
    there is nothing on this earth that is a “dime a dozen”. least of all a woman.

  2. Humor_Me_Now says:

    I was raised to respect al women—(born in the 1930’s–lol) I was raised to never say anything unseemly to a girl or woman. I was trained to put women first, open doors, give assistance when needed, and alway speak with respectable words. My mother said that if I treated a girl like a lady she would act like a lady.

    I realize this approach could be problematic to you, but that was my start in life.

    The kind of man you described is disgusting and ignorant. I was in an elevator once and two gals were discussing how rotten men were. (1960’s) They were focused on equality for women while bashing men generally similarly to the way this while man lumped all women together you described. The gals in the elevator hit me wrong, so I barged out of the elevator first. They actually accused me of not being a gentleman. I replied, I was treating you with equality.’ Of course that was not nice of me and I felt guilty, but I think far more guys are inclined to lump women together the the other way around.

    I wish I knew what the answer was. The government is investigating 55 universities for not properly responding to sexual abuse on campus–like 1 in 4 girls. I have read that 1 in 4 women will be raped during their life time. That is horrible. I have also read that the so called Innocent Program has found when DNA was still available that 1 in 4 men convicted of rape are innocent. Another small finding in states that require DNA testing or family members going through divorce is that 1 in 4 children in the family were not the husbands.

    Then students at Northwestern investigated men on death row in Illinois and found sound were innocent, but many up on too server charges or had awful defense attorneys–most of them were black.

    There is lots to do in this country. I am a Fundamental Baptist and take some heat because of that, but not bad.

    I sure found your post interesting.

    • No one should be lumped together like that. Least of all by people who say they want equality! Those ladies from the elevator make me heated.
      The legal system is so out of wack. Technology available now helps some but not quite to 100%. It’s pathetic how many people get unjustly accused because of their race, nationality or gender.
      The only problem I have with your upbringing is the respectable words ;p If you can say it around others, you can say it around me. If you always censor yourself just because there’s a lady around and curse like a sailor the rest of the time how the heck does she get to know how you actually are?

  3. You tell ’em. I’m delighted with my own Hispanic wife, who is one of a kind.

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