It always amazes me how absolutely productive I can be if I want to. The guys up top keep changing our schedules so this morning was a bit whacky and everyone was grouchy because they didn’t get breakfast (courtesy of our schedule change). My “to do” list has been a mile long for a month now and there’s been no reprieve from it. My first order of business daily is to look it over then add and rearrange items to reflect what is currently most important to my boss (we have weekly meetings where he changes his mind every five minutes or so). Today I got 2 things done. Completely done! Well, 1 7/8 things done. I say that because the second thing is done on my end but may still come back for revision. GUYS. This may not sound successful but they were both pretty big projects and the fact that they are off my plate (for the most part) helps me breathe so easily.

Now I can focus on smaller things (like the brief I have to give in 10 hours (that I’m currently writing (well, I’m currently writing this. But you know what I mean)), my yearly performance review (I shouldn’t technically be writing my own but you know how that goes) that’s due while I’m in leave (I GO  HOME IN 32 DAYS!!!!) which means it needs to be completely finished and signed by all parties beforehand. Which means it needs to be done next week. I don’t know what a normal performance review looks like but in the USAF we have a system called the “EPR”. It has to be an exact number of lines. Each line is about one topic. There are only certain abbreviations that may be used and it varies from place to place. Each line must be written in a certain format (each line is called a “bullet”) and must completely fill that line. This is hard. I’ve got about 6 lines filled so far but none are about actual work things, just all of the extras.

I’m working on it.

I need to finish tomorrow and hand it off to my Supervisor so that he can fix it and pass it up the chain. My bullets look like crap so he might not be done with it for a few days.

Anyway, there are a dozen smaller things that I can really dig into tomorrow after I give my briefing and that makes me extremely excited.

I am very excited.


2 thoughts on “Productivity

  1. Humor_Me_Now says:

    My grandson is in the Navy and he has to takes tests that must be passed or he is out. He failed two in a row and took made the third attempt. He will know this week if he passed. If not, he will be a civilian looking for a job.

    I wish you well. The evaluation sounds very complicated.

    I used to have to submit self-evaluations to my boss. I usually did OK—never failed and never hit the best rating. Guess I was average. lol

    • I had a bunch of those tests when I first came in a few years ago. I failed one that you only got two chances on. Technically I failed both times, but the second was by .3 and they let me slide. I am so thankful that they did.
      I hope your Grandson is doing okay. That’s so stressful.

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