I want to hate her

There’s a new girl at work who is the actual definition of awesome that I’ve grown up knowing and wanting to be. She’s athletic and fun. She has energy out the wazoo and volunteers for everything. “E” is insanely knowledgable at our job (I’m stratified in the number one slot right now, but she’ll probably take me down. Soon), she’s nice to everyone, she called me sweetheart. 

She keeps up with the guys drinking and cussing and talking sex but she also has a Tinkerbell costume that she has already worn here (she’s only been here since Friday). The only thing I’ve found wanting with her is that she can talk for hours on end. If she talked nonsense I would be happy with it, but she tells stories and those stories are amazing. She’s climbed Everest and one time she ran a mud race where one of the obstacles was doing push ups for 7 minutes straight. She’s a poet with this crazy amazing grasp on words, and she has the voice of a canary (and can dance to boot). She knows everyone that all of my friends here know and I’ve never met.

I just want to find something wrong with her. It’ll make me feel better, I swear.


7 thoughts on “I want to hate her

  1. i kinda hate her. she’s an extrovert +++

  2. or something like that. in english

  3. G. says:

    I would probably hate her, too.

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