168 hours in a week

168 hours per week. 50 (+ any amount) spent at work, 40-55 spent sleeping, and 63-78 hours left for me. What do I do with those 63-78 hours? Not enough that’s critical.
4 spent at yoga, 2-3 spent walking to and from yoga, 3-8 spent running, to leave 48-69 left. I watch my shows (have to keep up with “Girls” after all!), eat too much, knit sometimes, spend too much time on Tumblr.
And my week is over.
I need to prioritize my time. I’ve made a schedule. It involves all necessary aspects of my day (work, running, yoga, volunteering, and studying) and leaves multiple hours per day for other engagements.
If I would follow the schedule I’d be gold, but I’ve never been good at following schedules I set for myself. Too much work.


One thought on “168 hours in a week

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