Unprofessional behavior (tut tut)

Lemme get this straight.
It’s okay if the guys watch a sports game for an hour during work.
It’s okay if people talk about movies for half an hour instead of being immersed in paperwork.
It’s perfectly fine to make personal phone calls during the hours of 8-11 and 12-1700.
It’s not okay to spend fifteen minutes taking a mock promotion test to prepare for my real promotion test.

I don’t…


Yes Sir, thank you Sir.

P.S. Searching Facebook for 20 minutes for something I may have posted, and re-creating Bill Nye and Ken Hamm’s recent debate for 40 minutes are also okay things.
Studying for an official promotion test is still not okay.
P.P.S. It’s also okay to take a personality test during duty hours. Still no practice tests. God forbid.


8 thoughts on “Unprofessional behavior (tut tut)

  1. dreamelysium says:

    lol seriously? thats weird..lol.

  2. Rule #1 of office computer use: don’t get caught.

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