My body and I haven’t been getting on very well the past few days. I’m busy and forget to eat, and then it punishes me by not feeling hungry or reminding me in any way…until I’m running and feel dizzy or something along those lines. C’mon body! Help a girl out! Make the stomach growl or something.

I think my sandwich at lunch today was the first thing since Monday morning (not too awful long, but longer than need be). Everything has just been so insane here. The only time it’s not crazy is the hour I’ve carved out for yoga. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 1900-2000, and Saturday from 1000-1100. There are two instructors who each teach two days, and they’re married. They’re also adorable. Tonight was the first class I’ve been in with him, and although I love her classes, I think I like his teaching style better. Both have perfected the art of the yoga instructor voice, but he moves around the room more to help. He’s more hands on, and some people probably don’t like that, but I find it nice when my pose is corrected because I’m fucking it up.

Tonight I fell multiple times and it was hilarious. There were about ten people in the class, and if anyone else fell then they were more suave about it than I. There may have been a few whispered, “fuck”s and “shit”s as I tumbled onto my ass for the umpteenth time.

Yoga is my new safe haven. It stretches you out, relaxes you, and forces muscles that you didn’t know you have work in ways you couldn’t have imagined. You breathe and your mind gets to wander and be free from everything that’s going on.

It’s wonderful.


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  1. purplepoet7 says:

    Maybe you should set an alert on your phone to remind you to eat and just carry something easy with you.
    Yoga is a wonderful thing. I’m glad you’re into it; I always loved how it opened me up and made me feel like I had more joints somehow than I’d realized.
    I know you probably don’t have time for it, but I wanted you to know I tagged you in a post:

    • I’ll try to do it on Saturday. Thanks for tagging me!

      As for the alarm…I have one set and I usually ignore it cuz I’m in the middle of something and will “eat in a minute”. haha. wups. Whatever.
      I found edamame at the store yesterday. Extremely excited to snack on that.

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