The Yoga Gets Your Blood Flowing

My friend Karen (bearonthecouch) used this Facebook status generator to create poetry. I thought it was cool, so I gave it a try. This is not the order it spouted things out, and I’ve changed the wording a bit. A lot of the statuses were actually pretty unintelligible, so I took the phrases that made sense. Also, the ending feels weak. But I like it. It’s scary that the internet got this from my Facebook. It’s scary that these secrets hide in plain sight:

Wait, I was supposed to fit in? I read 2 1/2 as
an opportunity.
Everything smells like angels, and this is the first time
that your need
is essential to my grave.

I am on a list of the cursed, and will let you go;
But I am afraid.
You’ll be fine.
I am so present, hoarding these lies.
It’s better that they can function without me
and that they all depend upon each other.

See, I have these visions of my favourites,
and no.
There is nothing better.
It is angels, and stardust, and the universe,
and it has blurred my vision;
To say the least.

They say,
“the yoga gets your blood flowing”,
But in less than four hours, I will be home.
No, there’s nothing wrong.
Not if you’re a two-year-old in your head
and there is a gentle, rousing hand.
But that is too weak.

won’t be the mistake you don’t cherish,
but beggars can’t be choosers
and that’s okay.
And I know it’s better to burn,
and that I won’t be the new favourite,
and that we are alone.

My brain is so ready.
Have I forgotten the magic of November?
And all this shit: like twice a day at least.
Now. Now is when I am excited,
and everything smells like soap.
I wonder how this chapter ends.


9 thoughts on “The Yoga Gets Your Blood Flowing

  1. bearonthecouch says:

    “It’s scary that the internet got this from my Facebook. It’s scary that these secrets hide in plain sight.”
    Yes. This. So much this. (Also, I changed the order of things and grabbed phrases too. I think you have to)

    And also, holy crap. This is so beautiful.

  2. i love this. the whole thing. there are pieces of it that are just freaking amazing! “i won’t be the mistake you don’t cherish” practically makes me want to shout!! the cursed stanza and the vision stanza both completely seem like you wrote them purposefully. love.

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