“New Year, New Me”

Tumblr has been making fun of that phrase for about a week now, so I figured I had to use it. Can’t miss a golden opportunity.
New Year’s Eve really snuck up on me. It’s 1600 on 31 Dec 2013, and I thought it was the 30th until about twenty minutes ago.

Some actual doable stuff for 2014:

1. End my (borderline dependent) relationship with salt
2. Run a marathon
3. Make E-5 in the Spring when I test for the first time
4. Read more non-fiction
5. Call my Grandmother a minimum of once a week
6. Get out of debt – minus the car which will be taken care of in 2015
7. Finish my CCAF (Community College of the Air Force) degree (in Emergency Management)
8. Spend less time dreaming and more time doing
9. Utilize Skype more often
10. Less chocolate, more chicken (wings count, right?. cuz they’re chicken. covered in delicious honey bbq sauce). Also less wine because guys this is no good.
11. Love myself as much as I pretend to
12. Make new friends but keep the goddamn old ones okay? Don’t forget about them!
13. Take a self defense class (specifically MMA on Thursday nights at 7pm at the gym) and start yoga and maybe pick up Zumba again cuz I did really love that
14. Send in the most kick ass Tops in Blue audition ever. EVER.


Went to see Anchorman 2 and fell asleep by 9:30. Happy New Year guysies.

Oh yes also before I went to sleep I went to buy cheap champagne cuz the plan was to stay up until midnight, and I DROPPED IT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING STORE. And my boss saw.

At least it was cheap.


2 thoughts on ““New Year, New Me”

  1. xonthis says:

    lolol. End your borderline relationship with salt? That seems interesting. Also chocolate and wine are good for you.

    • I SALT EVERYTHING. Even things that are pre-salted. It’s unhealthy and needs to stop.
      Chocolate and wine are good for you in moderation just like everything else. I don’t have the self-control for moderation, so cutting them out is better.

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