Adventures in Hair Cutting

Last night after…quite a few drinks, I took a shower. After said shower, I decided to cut my hair. Cuz it was long. And I didn’t want to wait. So I chopped it. Cut straight across the back, and cut the front slowly and carefully. And I like the front! I really do. It looks like this:
I’m happy with it.

But the back? Totally a different story. Guys I fucked up.


Everything’s crazy cuz I just woke up, but LOOK HOW BAD THAT IS. I think it’ll be okay though. I’ll just go in and ask them to buzz it all up so it’s even. And hopefully it’ll be fine. Just super duper short which is how I like it, so whatever? But ugh. That’s like. Wups. Ugh.

So I won’t be doing the back of my head by myself. Ever ever ever again. Unless I can see what’s going on. I really though it would be okay.




It’s fixed now. We’re all good. Was in and out of the salon in 10 minutes. I am happy.


5 thoughts on “Adventures in Hair Cutting

  1. Oh my gosh! Lol. Crazy girl. I never cut my own hair. It’s strange I’m like a hippie though. I freaking let my hair just grow and grow until I can’t stand it and then I just get a trim because of the ends.

  2. southernhon says:

    You’re a brave woman. 🙂

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