“We couldn’t figure out how to be married without a war to fight”

The show Arrow keeps bringing home the truth.  One of the guys said it in the episode I’m watching now, 2×06, and I see it happen every day in the lives of my friends.

You meet someone in a deployed environment and you think, “jeez. we are deployed. We’re in a war zone. If there is a horrid part of you then it will come out here and I will see it and I will process it and then we can live in peace and happiness forever. Together.” but that’s not how it goes. You get out of the war and you no longer have a place to direct your fury. There’s no enemy that deserves your rage. So you take it out on your husband or wife, and there may or may not be a child in between the two of you. Either way, it ends. You can’t handle each other without the buffer of war.

I’ve been in the military for just over three years. In that time, 17 of the girls I went to BMT with have been married. 10 of them have also divorced in that time.

What a time to be alive.



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