Why is my text blue. Okay. I fixed it. Not blue anymore. WordPress is weird.

I went on a day trip today! To Dodamsambong, Gosu cave, and Chungju Lake. It was fun. Here are some pictures! I am tired and not willing to put them in any sort of order for you (although they are in order here). It was great. I made friends (one of whom also came here from Maryland, and I actually taught her a class right before she left! She was like, “I know you from somewhere. It took her most of the day to figure it out. Random!), ate squid (very chewy. Weird taste.), discovered my love for seaweed, walked up too many steps to count (I normally count steps. I really do. Is that weird? It’s just a thing. But there. were. so. many. everywhere), and slept the entire 2 1/2 hour ride back.

Fun fact: Dunkin Donuts in S Korea has fun shaped donuts (the bears below being one example). Also they have tiramisu donuts and they are delicious. Also they have good coffee which I never ever ever thought I would say about any Dunkin Donuts anywhere ever. The US needs to get on par with Dunkin Donuts here yo. And on the boat there was coffee in a can. I did not have high expectations for this coffee. It was hot and delicious and perfect. They just do coffee right here. I don’t know how. I haven’t bought bad coffee yet. I am impressed, Korea.


Image ImageImage

Day Trip


2 thoughts on “Day Trip

  1. gfizz says:

    That photo of you is so artistic! did you use autotimer to take it?

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