Googly eyed murderer


I woke up around 0030 last night, and what to my flickering eye should appear but a goddamn googly eye. On my sink.

Now, I like crafts as much as the next person. Sock puppets are a favourite. I have googly eyes in my craft box – an entire bag of them! All different sizes!

I haven’t been in my craft box since I unpacked it with everything else two weeks ago. I have not opened it. Not once.

Where did the googly eye come from?!?!

There’s a mass murderer living in my bedroom. The googly eye is a sign/warning/himorherorit laughing at me. I called my Dad cuz I was scared and he laughed at me too. He told me to grab some tissue, pick up the googly eye, and flush it. Like a bug I guess. But that’s wasteful so I think I’ll just use it next time I make a poof pet or a sock puppet or something equally charming and grownup.

You know what makes scary things go away?



5 thoughts on “Googly eyed murderer

  1. first a googly eye. next it will be clown paint.

  2. ooglick says:

    If it was in my apartment I’d say the cat got into my craft supplies…you don’t happen to have a pet do you? lol.

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