It’s the day after Christmas. Falalalala.

I went to work at 7 to teach the Army some basic CBRN shit, but they decided that they didn’t want to come in today. There was an e-mail asking if we could possibly move training to tomorrow (they’re the ones who wanted today in the first place). Around 0830 I came back home to sleep and things since I was the only one who actually showed up to work (to train the freaking Army), and instead of sleeping I’ve watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special 5+ times, learned “Let it Go” on guitar, and watched four episodes of “Arrow”.

Help. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. If there are spelling errors in this, I apologize. My head is hanging off my bed and I am typing by feel only. I may edit. We’ll see. 3/4 of a bottle of whiskey down, a bottle of vodka and two of wine to go. It’s only 1617. Ooh I think there’s some beer in the fridge too. Maybe. In the vegetable drawer. This is my life. Have I shown you all my tree yet? This is my tree. Maybe. Can I add a photo in here? DAKLSFJAKLS;DJF I DON’T KNOW HOW. Freaking WordPress.


Whatever.  ooh I did it.

Happy Christmas!

Only 364 days until Christmas


8 thoughts on “Only 364 days until Christmas

  1. you are such a dear girl. i need to watch again, when i need to cry. i have to find out what “let it go” is. somehow i thought you said “let it be”- but i’m old. merry boxing day! i’m glad you didn’t have to work, poopy army.

  2. Tis a fine tree, Miss Molly. Merry Christmas. *hugs* Now get your ass dressed and go drink somewhere more interesting.

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