I miss Xanga where I knew nothing would migrate to real life.  I’m so scared to post things to here.  I don’t trust y’all even though I know most of you are FROM Xanga.  djkfl;adsjfkldsajgfklasjgkdsjfkl;sda


9 thoughts on “

  1. Ashtshen says:


  2. ordinarybutloud says:

    I think about it like this: wordpress is the Pacific Ocean, whereas Xanga was Lake Michigan. So even though you knew the contours of Lake Michigan, you were in a much smaller town where eventually people got to know you. Here in the Pacific Ocean no one is ever, ever, EVER going to find you.

  3. bearonthecouch says:

    Seriously, this feel! Remember when I started linking my Facebook to my blog and giving out my fanfic.net name to people I know irl and EVERY TIME, I’m like “WHAT AM I DOING?!!” It’s terrifying!

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