hi-sies guys-ies

So.  VidCon is coming up very very soon.

I wasn’t excited until this moment.

Now I’m super-duper excited.

I’m going WITH four of my friends; A, K, D, and S.  And maybe S’s boyfriend?  I don’t know.  I guess I’ll find out when we get there.

My hotel room and plane and convention tickets have been booked for months.  My leave has been in the system for weeks.  

I’ve been planning on chilling alone at the USO at LAX or in LA somewhere while I wait twelve hours between my plane getting in and theirs arriving, but just now.  JUST NOW someone else asked me when my plane gets in.  Someone I haven’t spoken to in months.  Someone a little bit YouTube famous.  And we’re going to hang in that down time I have. 
And I am so excited.

This is why I love internet people with my entire being and everything I am.  No matter how out of contact I am sometimes, they’re still there.  They still care.

It doesn’t always feel like that we the people I see everyday ya know?

I do still want to go to The Last Bookstore in LA though.


2 thoughts on “hi-sies guys-ies

  1. The Internetz haz yer back.

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