The End

So my wonderful week long vacation has come to a close.

I suppose it had to happen sometime, but why oh why was that time so soon?

This morning Anna slept until 1000 ((good thing, seeing as it’s the end of her vacation too)). We went and played in the waves for not nearly a long enough amount of time, ate some delicious food, and are now in Maryland.
The three hour trip to MD took four and a half hours. I freaking hate love traffic with my entire being. It’s wonderful.

Because it’s Friday, my friends were bored. We’re the people who never actually go out and do things. We stay in with whatever concoction Stephanie has cooked up, a glass of wine, and ourselves. Of our group, Steph is the “Mom”, Michelle is the “Grandma”, and I’m the young crazy drunk kid. I suppose.
Steph is “Mom” because she always makes sure we’re okay. She’ll call from work to see if we need her to pick up anything on her way home (we all live within a mile of each other). She knows everything even when we haven’t told her, and she scolds us all the time.
Chelle is the “Grandma” mostly because she turns in earlier normally. But also, she’s very kind, caring, and sassy. Just like the ideal old person! She’s already making plans for her six month old son and Steph’s not-yet-conceived baby girl, and it’s adorable. I think Chelle is starting to get younger as she gets older, but we’ll see what’s up.
I’m the young crazy drunk kid cuz hi have you met me?
I’m not actually a drunk. I don’t actually enjoy being drunk either…but drinking is a favourite pastime of mine. If you bring me a slushie I’ll probably pull out my flask and add my liquor of the day. Also, I act more drunk when I’m sober than when I’m actually drunk. Drunk me likes to sleep. Sober me will ((this happened earlier)) try and open your fridge door from the wrong side, and get so frustrated that the door won’t open that I actually end up pulling it out from it’s spot on the wall.
Hi. I’m Molly, and my vacation is over.
And Anna says ((this is an exact quote)), “your friends are so awesome. They’re like super heros or something”.


4 thoughts on “The End

  1. aw I’m sorry your vacations are over, from here it seemed like you had an amazing time 🙂

    I hope you got to feel closer to Ana and I truly hope your skin is feeling better.

    on the oatmeal, just make a (sort of) a body cream with it by adding water and let it rest on your skin for few minutes before shower, it’ll help you heal faster and it’ll. refresh your skin.

  2. grannyandthebaldguy says:

    I like the idea of the oatmeal pack too that Nadia is talking about. Happy you had such a good time and your friends sound wonderful.

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