What is this, Day 4?

Today Anna took me out for a very nice breakfast.  There was coffee involved, so all was grand.  Afterwards, we checked out of our crappy no-coffee motel where the neighbors screamed and cussed at each other until three in the morning, and went down to the beach.

Let me tell you guys…I love the beach.  I really, really love the beach.  And if it were just me here alone (which I’m considering doing for multiple weekends this summer), there would be no issues at all…but I forgot how grumpy Anna gets when she’s a little sunburned!  Of course, when I say, “a little”, I mean that her back probably feels like my legs do…completely on fire.  I dislike walking right now because of the pain I’m in.  It is exhausting to sit without screaming.  I don’t think I’ve ever been burned this badly before.  And my back is almost as bad, but I’ve had the last couple days to adjust to that pain, so I don’t really feel it anymore…

My legs though.  Dear god my legs.

And Anna’s poor back.  I put aloe on Anna’s back and she moaned because it felt so good.  I don’t ever want to hear my sister make that sound again.  We hung out at a nearby mall for the hottest hours of the day (out of that damn sun!), and all she did was whine about her back.  I wanted to go back in the water later, but she wouldn’t because of her back.  And of course I didn’t want her sitting in the sun with her back as it was…so we left and are now at some random lady’s house.

Her name is Brooke.  She works with Val, the last person we stayed with.  Her home is absolutely gorgeous, just like Val and Doug’s, but in a more modern sense.  And she has wifi.  I got so excited about this dang wifi yo.  It was sad.

Anyway.  My computer is about to die, and the charger is buried under everything in my car; plus I’m way too lazy to even go out to my car at this moment.  I think it’s time for a nap, and then to go back out to the strip for some night life!

‘Till tomorrow!


10 thoughts on “What is this, Day 4?

  1. Sounds like a fun vacation 🙂 be careful with the sun though, aloe vera is a good idea also oatmeal, really it’ll refresh the skin.

  2. ack. 😦 yeah, keep ladling it on.

  3. grannyandthebaldguy says:

    Have you tried white vinegar on your sunburn. It takes away the sting or does for me anyway,
    Sounds like a wonderful time and you are meeting such wonderful people.

  4. Stargirl says:

    I second Granny’s suggestion. I know it sounds crazy, but it really does work. It hurts like a MOFO for about 5 minutes but after that it kills a LOT of the pain, and it makes the sunburn heal WAY faster. One of the worst sunburns I ever got was nearly healed in 2 days with regular applications of vinegar, and there was no blistering. As long as you don’t mind smelling a bit like a pickle. LOL

  5. southernhon says:

    Argh, sunburn! Take care of yourselves.

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