Couch Surfing Day 3

We’re cheating tonight.

I loved being in the country.  The back roads were great for running, and yes it sucks sometimes not having wifi and cell reception, but it’s so freeing.  And they did have a computer and an actual telephone if some emergency were to arise.

But Anna wanted to be on the beach, so we’re on the beach.  For one night.  I made it very clear to her that it’s all I can afford.  I don’t even know if I can afford this.

We are staying at the cheapest, crappiest motel on the beach.  A couple blocks up, actually, but you know.  Close enough.  We can still hear the waves.  I love the waves.  And there is still salt in the air.  I can’t get enough of this.

There is no coffee at this motel.

I’m not sure how this is going to work out in the morning without me stabbing someone with the pretty pink pocket knife that I bought Anna on the way here – the first thing she did with it, by the way, was slice open her finger.  What am I going to do with her?!

Tomorrow night we’re staying on someone else’s couch.  She lives about a mile from the beach, and works with the lady whose place we were at before.  I like meeting these people. They’re all so sweet!

As promised, here’s the picture of me with a crab!  It’s not my favourite picture of me, but that crab sure is gorgeous (and made for some good eatin!)!!!



12 thoughts on “Couch Surfing Day 3

  1. Stargirl says:

    That’s love. I know that it’s really hard when you’re on a budget to stretch it and do things you know you shouldn’t to make someone happy. But speaking as that someone for whom sacrifices were made, it means the world. It’s all about the experience, and sometimes those experiences are priceless.

    Also, quick note:

    I noticed you follow me on WordPress. But I changed my URL a few days ago and it messed things up, so that my newest blog entries are no longer showing up in people’s wordpress feeds.

    Even if it shows you are “following” my blog, you will still need to fix it so I will show up in your feed again. I’d really appreciate it if you’d fix it by doing the following:

    Go to my blog page,, then in the menu bar at the top left, unfollow my blog, then click follow again. It only takes 10 seconds and will fix our connection to each other so that I show up in your feed again! Let me know if it works or not.

    • Fixed it! I haven’t commented on anyone’s blogs this week…so little wifi, so much to do! Lol. I feel badly, but will start up again probably Sunday!
      I wish we could stay another night. It really is the crappiest motel I’ve ever been to, but it’s been fun.

  2. grannyandthebaldguy says:

    Love the photo of you and the crab. Sounds like you and Anna are meeting some nice people with your couch surfing and I liek th eidea of

  3. southernhon says:

    Yummy crab! Steamed and covered with Old Bay makes for a very good eating indeed!
    You’re a braver woman than I am, though. I would’ve been petrified to hold that crab!
    No coffee = migraine headache for me. Glad the couch surfing is working out for you.

    • I die without coffee. Ugh. Found some soon after waking up though, so that was good at least (actually it was veryvery bad coffee, but it was better than nothing!!).
      I didn’t want to hold it! I was so scared! But they showed me how and it was just so cute!

  4. nah, that’s a great picture. you know, I spent a lot of time scrounging around on a Florida pier one weekend trying to catch that crab. I can’t believe he’s migrated to far north. Nature, it’s amazing.

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