Hi.  My name is SrA Molly Clune.  I’m currently an Emergency Manager for the United States Air Force.

Tonight I am at home with my family.  I am extremely blessed in that I was able to take an entire week of leave in order to help my sister celebrate the fact that she graduated from High School – no small task for some!

My family lives in the country – the middle of nowhere New York.  This is where I was born and raised, and I miss it.

The past two years I have been stationed in Maryland, near DC.  There are lights everywhere, and it is always busy.  I miss the country.  The quiet.  The peacefulness.

After most of the crowd had left my sister’s party tonight, a select few “young adults” stayed behind to play a game we like to call “man hunt”.  This is like hide and go seek, except way scarier.  And darker.  Because, you see, “man hunt” can only be played at night.  Otherwise it’s normal hide and go seek.  Do you get the picture?

One of my friends was “it”, and “hunting” the rest of us after counting to one hundred on the porch.  The rest of us had scattered to different places around the lawn, and I was lying in the tall grass to one side of the drive way on my back – sort of like Timon and Pumba in “The Lion King”.  I looked up at the beautiful sky.  This is a sky that I cannot see in Maryland. There are so many lights.  There is so much hustle and bustle and movement…no one takes the time to look at the sky; and if they do, it’s almost impossible to really see it.

So this sky…the first thing I noticed was the Little Dipper, then the North Star, and then Orion’s Belt.  It’s sort of a cloudy night tonight, so the stars kept on being hidden by swift moving clouds (the clouds actually made me dizzy because of how fast they were moving!), and then coming out to play again.  There were so many of them!  So.  Many.  Stars.  Little pinpricks of brightness against the dark night sky.

I can’t help but miss that majesty when I am away from it.  All I want, for the rest of my life, is to be up there.  Among those stars.  I want to pave the way for others to see an even better view of the universe.  I want to help discover galaxies and be the inspiration for others to continue exploration into space.

This is why I want to be part of the Mars One Project.

Why would or wouldn’t you like to go to space?


12 thoughts on “Stars

  1. longing4home says:

    You are beautiful, do you know that? I identify with so much of what you said. I will leave it to the young’uns to go off into space. I’m ready to take my place among the heavenly body as just one more pretty star that lights up the night sky.

  2. grannyandthebaldguy says:

    What a wonderful adventure going into space would be. I would love it but at my age doubt if I would live to get where we are going so to the younger folks I say, go and soar.

  3. southernhon says:

    Probably not, but I do like looking at it from afar.

  4. justme0486 says:

    Thank You for your service and enjoy your time at home :).

  5. ooglick says:

    Oh cool! I’m also in Maryland near DC. 🙂 I love spaceflight (it’s my job) but don’t want to go to space myself. Why? Because I don’t like places with no air, and I get MAJORLY car sick/sea sick/everything sick, so I’m pretty sure I’d be motion sick in space too. haha. I’ll let the people who REALLY want to go to space go.

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