It’s finally that time of year when VACATION happens!

All year I save up my leave and my money.  Stay boring and just explore the towns around me (although that’s not boring at all.  It’s usually quite fun!).


After work today I leave for home.  Tomorrow is my sister’s graduation, Sunday is her party, and Monday we leave for VA beach.  According to the weather forecast, it’s supposed to rain Mon-Wed at the beach.  Well fuck the weather forecast.  We’re going to have fun NO MATTER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.

Screw you right in the face weather forecast.

I just hope that the people we’re staying with are coffee drinkers.  Or at least own a coffee pot.  One time I stayed with people who didn’t even own a coffee pot and it was extremely difficult.  At least I have my car this time, so I can go find coffee if I absolutely need to.  Maybe I should bring my coffee pot.  Coffee is extremely important.

I am so excited for the beach that I can already hear the waves and smell the salt.

Now the question is, should I wear my dress blues to her graduation?  Do you think she would appreciate that?  I want it to be a surprise if I do.


12 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. xonthis says:

    How do you know if the people you stay with aren’t murderers?

  2. grannyandthebaldguy says:

    I think whatever you wear will be great and she will be happy that you are there. I agree about coffee is a must.

  3. couch surfers? never heard about that. you younguns and your new fangled ways. I hope your sister’s graduation was all that and you figured out what to wear. I certainly wouldn’t have been a help in that advice dept.

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