Let’s talk Star Trek

I’ve been wanting to see the new Star Trek movie for months. It hasn’t been out for months…I was just made aware of it a few months ago is all.

My Father raised me on Star Trek. We watched The Original Series (TOS) and Next Generation mostly. I remember Dad taking my older brother and I to see one of the movies at the theatre. He didn’t tell us what we were seeing on the way there, and made us guess. He said, “It’s like a trek across the stars…” neither of us picked up what he put down, and we were both pleasantly surprised when we arrived.
I’m sorry to say that I haven’t seen many episodes from the other series. There was a bit of Voyager and DS9 in there, but I really need to get on that. I have, however, seen enough to talk about this movie a little in regards to continuity.

Obviously Into Darkness is about the characters from TOS. Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Scotty, Chekov, Bones, and Sulu…same as the 2009 movie. I only have two real issues with continuity here, and then a few sub-items I want to talk about. Some awesome, some not so much.

1. Landing on a planet
Nibiru is a planet. Starships can’t land on planets (for the most part! I’ll get to it! Keep reading yo!). The Enterprise has not only landed on Nibiru in the beginning of the movie (I missed the first ten minutes. Someone fill me in?), but it’s hidden underneath the water. Which is pretty damn cool. I do love this. Don’t get me wrong…I love this a lot. But I’m pretty sure only the Intrepid class was able to safely land on planets. Someone tell me if I’m wrong? I probably missed something. That was from Voyager. I need to go watch Voyager all the way through. Intrepid class was teensy tiny, even compared to the Enterprise, and it was like a century after this movie took place. So. Thoughts?
2. The Admiral had a collection of ship models. Did you notice that? They were pretty. But you can tell from them that until the Kelvin blew up, this movie and TOS shared the same past. Which is totally chill yo. But that means that the NX-01 missions should have gone the same. Which means that Starfleet should have known about the Klingons for at least…thirty years? And already had a number of run-ins. NX-01’s first mission was a run to Qo’nos. And the moon of Qo’nos didn’t explode until way after NCC-1701’s five year mission ended.

This second one could be explained away since the Federation developed differently in the movies than the series. The Temporal Cold War could never have involved the Klingons, which would mean NX-01 would have had a different mission, and that would account for every missed Klingon interaction. So. Yeah.

Sub Issues and Things I Love
1. Alice Eve is hot. I get it. I’d bang her. But that was a cheap shot yo.
2. That radiation poisoning…should have looked more like radiation poisoning. Warp drives create extremely high levels of gamma radiation. Gamma radiation goes right through you (in case you didn’t know). Distance is really the only thing you can use to protect yourself from it, and Jim definitely didn’t have that on his side! With that much radiation blowing through him that quickly, there should have been more signs and symptoms more quickly (instead of after he was already in the “decon chamber”).
3. Chris Pine looks like an ape when they do close ups of his face. There were a lot of close ups. I thought I was at the zoo watching the gorillas.
4. OMG THE FUCKING TRIBBLE YOU GUYS. There was a Tribble. And it was adorable. They are some of my favourite “aliens” from TOS and I’m so happy that there was one in this movie!
5. Chekov. Chekov was the most adorable. “I can do zat”, “Aye aye Keptain!” and other such adorableness. I’m just so happy that they kept the incorrect accent to appeal to the fans who love(d) it!
6. BUMBLEBEE CABBAGEPATCH WAS THE BEST KHAN I CAN’T EVEN BREATHE. I had no clue that Cumberbatch would be gracing me with an appearance on the big screen tonight until I saw him there in all his glory. He was perfect for the role.
That’s all for tonight folks. I need to turn in – and then wake up in five short hours! Yuck!
What were your thoughts on Star Trek Into Darkness?

7 thoughts on “Let’s talk Star Trek

  1. madhousewife says:

    I’m probably not as qualified to talk about Star Trek as some folks. I watched some of the original series and some of TNG, but I have seen all the movies. I really like these new ones, especially the characterization of Spock. What I really love is how the young actors perfectly capture the spirit of the original actors’ performances. They’re not just imitating them. They make the roles their own, but they’re true to the characters as the original actors created them (if that makes sense and doesn’t sound like a load of crap). My favorite is Bones. I don’t know anything about what spaceships are supposed to be able to do. Benedict Cumberbatch was perfect. I loved the parallels/mirroring with Wrath of Khan. I don’t actually get out to see a lot of movies, so when I see one and it’s good, I give it all the love I would otherwise have to divide among many films.

    • I don’t get out to the theatre much either. It’s expensive which is poopy! But it’s so much fun and I freaking love it so much!
      I’m really glad that Spock is lippy. It may not be very Vulcan-like, but it’s awesome.

  2. grannyandthebaldguy says:

    Not a big star trek fan but hubby is and says there is nothing better.

  3. i used to watch star trek, too. not as much of a fan as you are. but fan enough to be happy at seeing spock and the rest of the gang on the big screen. -__- benedict cumberbatch nailed that role!

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