Drama Llama Assholeshitheads.

Yesterday was Friday, right? Yeah. Yeah, yesterday was Friday.

So yesterday this TSgt that I work pretty closely with (who isn’t my supervisor thank the lord this e-mail didn’t go to my supervisor!) received an e-mail saying,

“TSgt C,
You need to discuss proper e-mail etiquette with SrA Clune. I sent her an e-mail on 20 May to let her know that her tone is not satisfactory, and she never replied or indicated in any way that she received the e-mail – she simply ignored it and has not changed her ways at all. Please deal with this as you see appropriate. I have also attached an example e-mail as proof, and you can see below for another one. Have a nice day, and call me if you would like to discuss this.

MSgt T”

Sgt C was like, “yo Clune. Come over here. You need to read this.” So I read it, and was like, “I never got an e-mail from him. And I’ve never sent him an e-mail! He’s been CC’d on some cuz you have to CC the whole fucking office when you e-mail anyone over there, but I have never sent that man a direct e-mail”.
SO we opened the e-mail that was supposedly an “example” of my impoliteness or whatever the fuck, and neither of us could figure out what was wrong with it…And neither could the Lt who runs my shop. A SSgt had let me know that he couldn’t accept some forms I sent him for my deployers in the format I sent them in, so I let him know that they were on leave and I’d fix it as soon as they got back. Didn’t try to argue or anything…just let him know I’d get it to him how he wanted it as soon as possible
So then we scrolled down for the other, and all we could gleam was that I didn’t put an intro line such as, “Ma’am” or “Lt H…”, when e-mailing an officer. I know for a fact that that officer doesn’t give a flying fuck. She e-mailed me asking for info, so I e-mailed the info back to her and it was chill. Nobody in my office had an issue with it.

So in the end? I e-mailed an apology to the two that I had “offended” in the eyes of someone not involved, and I also e-mailed him asking for clarification since nobody understood what the hell he was talking about and to tell him I had never received his first e-mail. And, yeah. I still have to CC their entire office when e-mailing information to them…but my leadership told me to take the idiot MSgt off of the list.

I love most of the people I work for. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Drama Llama Assholeshitheads.

  1. Well there you go. I have been a magnet for that sort of stuff in the past: seemingly-inexplicable outrage or criticism. Actually, they’ve almost always been misunderstandings, being at the wrong place at the wrong time, or even being mistaken for someone else. sigh. I hope all’s well that ends well, in this case.

    • You and me both yo. I thought my magnetism days were over, but I think the Summer months just make it happen more. People get pissy when the the AC doesn’t work.
      I fucking hate people. That’s how it’s always been here too. Misunderstandings. Wrong place wrong time without me being allowed a word in edgewise to explain. All of that shit. Ugh.
      I’ll let y’all know what happens tomorrow…if he e-mailed me back at all.

  2. southernhon says:

    This reminds me of a work review i had relatively recently in which I was chided for my “tone” and my facial expression. Yup, biggest bunch of bullshit I ever heard.
    Well, definitely glad it ended well for you!

  3. that’s so ridiculous I cannot even handle it.

  4. longing4home says:

    LOL! You have not changed your ways at all! Thank goodness!

  5. grannyandthebaldguy says:

    Good grief that was a lot of wasted time for you trying to figure out their stupidity. Good for you for walking through it all calmly.

  6. ordinarybutloud says:

    The woman in the writing group who got mad at me about my personality last week said, “you have the same problem over email.” Uh, no, I don’t have any problems over email. I’m succinct. I think SHE has a problem over email. Whatevs.

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