– Fall on your face immediately after returning home from work.  For this to be most effective, please arrive exhausted from going to work way earlier than usual.  Then wonder how you will ever keep up with the twelve hour shifts in Korea when you normally sleep for at least ten hours a day and wouldn’t mind having a bit of a life.

L – Leave yourself there until your friend knocks on your door around six to remind you that her boyfriend’s birthday party starts in about NOW.  Stumble to your door to open it, but feel as if you’re going to puke if you move anymore.  Tell her you’ll be outside in ten minutes (after you finally change out of your uniform), change into pajamas, and fall back onto your bed.  Covers optional.

O – Open your eyes an hour and a half later and run outside to discover that the birthday party is over, it’s absolutely pouring, and you still feel sick when you move.  Proceed to vomit before literally crawling back into bed.

P – Pull your laptop onto your chest and write a blog post about how exhausted you are before going back to sleep.

This is why I can’t have children now.  But that’s a topic for tomorrow.

No, I mean literally.  Children are tomorrow’s topic.  I have it all planned out and everything.

Goodnight ((she says at 1944 after already sleeping for the past two hours as she centers her mind on sleeping for the next ten)).


4 thoughts on “FLOP

  1. ordinarybutloud says:

    wow. can’t wait to read the children post. I can’t have them now either, I just realized. ack. too late!

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