Guess we’re here now?

Just blogging a blog post to be bloggy.  Hi Xangaites who are landing here.  We can all pray that our site doesn’t get taken away, but I’m taking a precautionary step.  And I don’t have any fucking clue how this site works so…woohooo.
I am going to miss home so much.

Yeah, my name’s different or whatever.  I’m still Molly.  It’s still me.  onestepclosertoperfection was just taken already.  And as much as this is a brand new start and I could have made it something else…I really do want to drive myself to be closer to perfect every second of every day.  So I kept it.  I will always keep it.  It’s an identity that I don’t want to give up.

That’s all for now folks.  Love y’all.



14 thoughts on “Guess we’re here now?

  1. ordinarybutloud says:

    I’m glad you’re here. Your site is somewhat easier to read here, ha. Also, how exciting about Korea.

    • How do I make it so I don’t have to approve comments. This is annoying. I don’t like it.
      And my other site had flowers and it was pretty and this is BORING. jfklsdajfs;ka boring things are boring. And yes. YES. YES VERY EXCITING ABOUT KOREA ALL OF THE EXCITEMENT YAYYY.

  2. longing4home says:

    OK, if you figure out how to let comments appear without approving them, let me know! And since I was away from Xanga for a bit, I don’t know anything about Korea. What’s up?

    • Will do…jdklfa;sd things are annoying. Oh well. Will figure them out eventually. We just gotta break this site in! Korea…I’ll write a long post about Korea. Or just copy and paste the one from Xanga cuz I’m lazy. But the gist is that I can report anytime between 26 Sep and 10 Nov, so I’ll probably head over sooner rather than later. It’s a one year assignment, and I should know where I’m going afterwards before I leave here. yayyyy things.

  3. pretty sure that once you approve someone to comment you don’t have to do it again. howdee!

  4. grannyandthebaldguy says:

    I know a lot of people hope Xanga stays afloat and so do I but unfortunately things do not always go the way I wan tthem too.
    Welcome here.

  5. Korea! I recall you wanted to travel. Awesome!

    Yeah, I think once you approve someone, no more approvals.

  6. tcbntx says:

    have I told you I love you, lately

  7. ampbreia says:

    Welcome to Little Xanga-Town at WordPress! HUGS

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